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    Where to begin?

    As a psychoanalyst and licensed clinical psychotherapist, I work with a variety of issues ranging from depression, sadness and anxiety to more severe issues and disorders. I work best with those who are interested in making lasting changes in their life circumstances and inner lives. Here you will find a place to speak freely. By speaking freely, you can uncover and bring into being long buried desire while taking up responsibility for your life. I have extensive training working with adults, elders, adolescents and families. For those who wish to do deeper work, I am available for psychoanalysis.


    Would you like treatment but are not able to come to an in-person appointment? Remote treatment has been shown to be as effective as in-person treatment. Please click on the "More info" button to learn more about treatment via zoom/video or phone sessions.

    Therapy for Depression

    Depression often includes many of the same physical, emotional and social symptoms as grief and bereavement: tearfulness, sorrow, fatigue, insomnia or hypersomnia, isolation, and a deep sense of loss. But depression includes other unique features: worthlessness, guilt, emotional pain, sometimes suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, social withdrawal. Many of my patients find relief during this very dark time in their lives when that pain can be spoken of, heard, and addressed. I work best with those who are interested in changing their life circumstances and inner lives.

    Grief & Bereavement Counseling

    Mourning loss is a process. Many of the ways by which people have traditionally mourned are no longer accessible or are no longer available. Still, mourning, grief and loss are unique to each person depending on one’s background, beliefs, and the investment in the person or thing that has been lost. If you are distressed by grief-related thoughts, behaviors, or feelings please contact me for a consultation.

    Therapy for Anxiety

    Anxiety can be overwhelming. It is felt most keenly in the body but it is also experienced as an extreme mental state. It can range from a sense of agitation to panic. Nervousness, restlessness, rapid breathing, a pounding heart, sweating, are often accompanied by difficulty thinking, intense worry, insomnia or nightmares, even dread. If you suffer from anxiety, I can help you. I invite you to contact me for a consultation. I work best with those who are interested in making changes in their circumstances and inner lives.

    Counseling for Trauma

    Trauma is a violent incursion of some unexpected external thing into the mind and body of a person. There are the shocks of childhood, adolescence and early adulthood that penetrate and continue to affect one long after the event such as family violence, sexual coming of age, crises of faith, or belief, life altering disappointments that many of us suffer and shape or warp our lives. There are other unpredictable traumas more horrific and terrible such as sexual abuse, rape, witnessing violence perpetrated on another, experience of or exposure to the violence of war, imprisonment, physical assault, catastrophic illness or accident, suicide or violent death of a friend, loved one, or even an acquaintance. Whatever your experience of trauma might be, you know it by the absolute alteration of your life, sense of self, and disruption of what you had once thought possible. If you are experiencing the effects of trauma, either psychotherapy or psychoanalysis can help. Reach out for a consultation today.


    Psychotherapy is a treatment that targets symptoms and its effectiveness resides in a modification of symptoms. The overall goal of psychotherapy is increased functionality. Over time the individual becomes more functional in work, family and relational life. A few initial sessions are used to evaluate the uniqueness of your situation and to recommend a direction for the treatment. I work best with those who are interested in making lasting changes to their circumstances and inner lives. To reach out for a consultation click on the "More info" button below..


    I see patients in Lacanian psychoanalysis. If you are interested in exploring the option of analysis please click on the "Lacanian Psychoanalysis" for more information

    Words for Thought

    Who is this “I” that you imagine yourself to be?

    knowing one’s own name,

    is no guarantee

    one is aware

    that name represents

    an individual subject,

    not an object, not an ego, not a nameless unit in a multitude–

    Who is this “I”?

    who, this unique, singular, subject?

    ~Thomas Merton

    Who is this "I"?

    Caminante, no hay camino.

    El camino se hace al andar

    Sojourner, walker, there is no path

    The path is made by walking

    ~Antonio Machado


    I borrow moonlight

    for this journey

    of a million miles

    ~Saikaku, d. 1730

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