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  • Anxiety

    Anxiety can be overwhelming. It is felt keenly in the body and it is also experienced as an extreme mental state. It can range from a sense of agitation to panic. Nervousness, restlessness, rapid breathing, a pounding heart, sweating, are often accompanied by difficulty thinking, intense worry, insomnia or nightmares, even dread. Sometimes the reason for the anxiety seems to be a mystery. Inexplicable. Sometimes the reason can be identified as a result of trauma such as sexual assault, a car accident, or violence experienced or witnessed.

    The intensity of this mind-body distress can lead to a desire to escape, to impulsive acts, to the misuse or abuse of substances, or to obsessive behaviors in an effort to bring the distress under control: in other words, symptoms that impact your relationships and ability to function well.

    Both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are effective therapies that can help you to uncover the causes of your anxiety and address its painful symptoms.

    If you suffer from anxiety, I can help you. I invite you to contact me for a consultation.